Blog Uno - The First

The first thing that I should do in this first blog is introducing me.
I could do such a funny question-answer thing like:

Where are you born?
-Bad Nauheim, Germany.

But I think I should save this idea for another blog and now make a "soft" introduction of myself. Back to me:

If I'm really born in Germany? 
- Yes.

The reason? 

- I don't know, but it is so. (Ok, ok. That's enough) 

I grew up there in my Italian family, which was my first heritage as an "artist", probably because there is the place where I learned to observe the world.
Furthermore I was always astonished of two things in particular, since I was little:
When I saw someone in my family (or outside the family) drawing. I loved it to sit on my grandfathers legs while he was taking pen and paper and drawing something for me. When I was 14 years old, my father found a box in his mothers house in Italy, which was full of old sketches that he made when he was my age at that time. I was amazed of them and startet to learn a bit more who is my father.
The second thing that amazed me since I'm little is photography. In my house hang always a cam with reel and our drawers were full of printed photographies. I loved to observe all the details in there, trying to put myself back in the same position. Here comes also the "graphic designer part", that I learned while my mother was painting literally on the printed photo panties on a photo of my sister to hide her bareness. Non digital retouching would I call this.

The creative part continued in all my life while I was taking extra lessons to learn drawing techniques at school (predominantly Manga) and at high school, the Hochtaunusschule, Oberursel, Germany, where I was doing Art&Composition. This school helped me a lot to improve my knowledge as well as my strengths, like observation and acuteness.

When -after a bit of experience- I moved to Italy, I worked with Photographers as assistant and there continued to grow my enthusiasm for it and it's graphical part.
I love to extemporise creative situations, always with some sketches....

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