Drawing and Sketching on Canvas at the Opera House Exhibition - Jabidi

If you have a great passion for drawing and you were drawing all your life on paper you must feel scared like me if someone tells you that he wants you to draw on canvas.

But Evett Morgan and me met one day and when she told me that she would love to have some of my artwork for her exhibition on canvas my objection was: "Thank you. But I love the details in drawings. How could this work on canvas?"
She said that there is no problem, since there is a new canvas that she developed which is a "Silk Canvas" that is much smoother than regular canvas.

I've tried it. It works. It is not as smooth as paper, however I could work to great results, as you can see below.
And Everything you see is drawn with Pencil, directly on the Silk Canvas.

IMG 7796

IMG 7794

IMG 7797

IMG 7808
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